About me

Hi, I’m Jan Jeromel

I was born on September 23rd 1989 and from a very young age, I helped my father create bows and crossbows in his home workshop. I was always full of energy and an extremely active person and I found that martial arts helped me put things in perspective and get rid of my excess energy. But my health began to deteriorate which meant I had to quit my favourite sport which lead me into a severe depression. It was hard for me to quit the one thing that would bring me so much joy and gave me purpose in life. My martial arts coach was like a brother to me and once he saw the state I was in, he introduced me to bone carving as a way to get my mind out of the darkness. And once I started, I was hooked!

My creativity began to pull me out of my depression and with every new piece I created, I felt a little bit better. It lead me on a spiritual journey that has become a very important part of my life. I realized my role here on earth is to help all living beings especially those less fortunate than me.

As I have been blessed with so much in my life, I feel obliged to create something positive out of these blessings and give back to those that were less fortunate. Only with that do I feel that I have realised my life's potential.

The first step of my spiritual journey was creating talismans for sick children and the elderly, those who are in grave need of hope and positivity. After some time I started getting a lot of demands to create custom jewellery and various fashion accessories.

One day I stumbled upon chainsaw carving via social media and you could say I was instantly captivated with the creativity and work that went into creating these wood masterpieces. With a lot of hard work, I was able to master this beautiful art and use it on my path to helping others.

I found that helping animals takes up a very special part of my heart. I believe their energy is the purest and I feel such a strong obligation to help them. That is why my long-term goal is to open an animal shelter, that will be a refuge for all abandoned animals in need.

We are here on earth on borrowed time and it is our obligation to make the most of it. We are part of such beauty and we have already taken too much from nature. That is why I only work with fallen trees, breathing into them new life, giving them a new purpose even after their end.