“A soulful masterpiece ...”

It’s not just a piece of wood like some would call it. It’s a soulful masterpiece made with the heart and soul of a young artist. It’s a connection between nature and human talent.

“I wear his jewelry with joy ...”

Jan has surprised me with his originality and dedication to his work. It is evident in every detail that each sculpture is made with love and that he is constantly evolving. I wear his jewelry with joy and pride. I am beyond happy to have had the opportunity to meet him and become a part of his journey.

— Neisha

“Metuljcek izzareva posebno energijo ...”

I love wearing this unique bow-tie made from beef bone made by the amazing Jan Jeromel because I can almost feel its special energy. And everyone around me feels its energy too, they are completely amazed and in awe of it.

— Frenk Nova

“I absolutely love the bust of my boy, Newton.”

I absolutely love the bust of my boy, Newton. I was so pleased with the quality of the work that I have ordered more items!

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